four faces, 2018
self-published comic

four faces is a poetry comic that addresses the communication of gender and experiences of gender dysphoria. characters throughout the comic, and the format of the comic itself, transgress boundaries, come unhinged, their segments drifting and transforming. the clown is a recurring motif, exaggerating and making grotesque everyday performances of the self. many of the images are drawn from family photographs as a means of interrogating the archived self versus the lived self.

dreams: remembered, re-formed and guaranteed inaccurate, 2018
self-published illustrated zine

this zine gathers together a small collection of poems and drawings, which are based on sculptures based on recollected dreams. the memory of the dream (itself an illusory non-event), is re-translated several times, distilling the most potent aspects while also invariably altering the memory.

vacation of the heart, 2018
self-published poetry book, first edition limited 50 copies.

vacation of the heart is a collection of poetry that explores the sublimity of love and the baldness of a life without it.

vacation of the heart: the cadillac of poetry books”

                                                                                            -the author

various poems, 2018
self-published zine with collage illustrations

this collection gathers together several poems from over a period of five years, tied together by their absurdity and disregard for form. paired with small collages, these poems convey a nauseated longing, half surreal automatism and half transcription of dreams.

the hereafter, 2016
self-published poetry book, illustrated and hand-bound, first edition limited 50 copies

the hereafter is an illustrated collection of poems reflecting on death and the grieving process. the poems are collected into four parts: “flight/the water drop,” “reality skinned,” “the pull of ghosts,” and “guessing at the afterlife, talking to the wind.” the illustrations are based on personal photographs, depicting the people who have passed and those who love them. the books are all handbound; the illustrations and text are hand drawn. the covers of the books are blank.

open doors, 2015
self-published zine, illustrated with photographs

how do we find a sense of belonging when we don’t speak the language of the land? open doors expresses the discomfort of being without a culture to affirm you and tie you to a place by gathering together journal entries and photographs taken in the okanagan valley, where i was born and raised.